General information

Welcome to my website, it is very simplistic right now but more content will be added over time.

Some of the different projects i have created can be downloaded below, but a program that can open .zip files like 7zip or Winrar is needed to extract the files.


Portal 2 ten-pin bowling co-op map


Includes a ten-pin bowling co-op map file to play with your friends.

Portal First-Map-Pack


Includes 3 custom portal maps in 4 different types: normal, challenge, advanced and advanced challenge.

Portal First-Map-Pack menu backgrounds


Includes 3 small background maps for portal and is build seperatly for FMP.

Half-Life 2 City 17 recreation


Includes a full recreation and combination of the first 6 Half-Life 2 maps with a testmap and prefabs too, but too large for compiling.